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Best Movie & TV Trailers of the Week: Captain Marvel, Daredevil & more


Welcome, loyal JoBlo readers! This is Best Movie and TV Trailers of the Week, where we take the very best previews we saw over the long week and compile them all in one spot for you, just in case you were out and about navigating this mad, mad, mad world that is life. We’re nice like that.

This week was a big week for movie trailers. Well, maybe one trailer, actually. We got the very first footage for Marvel’s latest outing, CAPTAIN MARVEL starring Brie Larson, and as far as teaser trailers go, everyone was quite ecstatic about what we got to see. Larson looks incredible in the lead role and we got some glimpses at the digitally de-aged Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg. We also got a more complete look at another surefire hit, MARY POPPINS RETURNS with Emily Blunt, and it looks like a wonderland of magical production design, and Blunt is undeniably charming in the title role. Oh, and there was some other stuff too this week, in case you missed that.

As for TV trailers, we finally got a teaser for the upcoming third season of DAREDEVIL, which comes out in, like, three weeks, which is exciting. Another hotly anticipated show is the upcoming reboot of the TWILIGHT ZONE with Jordan Peele, and though there wasn’t much content in the teaser there was still some black and white eeriness. Throw in some looks at DC’s TITANS and the new season of BIG MOUTH and it was a solid week for trailers all around. Let’s give off a round of applause, shall we?

Best Trailer of the Week: CAPTAIN MARVEL 

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